2021 World’s Greatest Irish Singer Competition

Additional Rules of the contest:

The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2020. 

The entry fee of $25 is required for each song submitted by a participant.  There is a limitation of two submissions per entrant.  Each submission counts as one entrant in the competition.

Participants are also required to include a short biography, less than 120 words, including level of music education, experience or information and participation in other contests and events. 

All entries must be submitted in audio format and feature only the entry song, no identifying information or verbal introduction should be included on the audio.  Video submissions will be disqualified, no refunds will be issued.

The organizers reserve the right to make minor adjustments to the dates for registrations, submissions and Judging (Judging is expected to be completed by February 27, 2021) to accommodate the requirements of their (largely volunteer) staffs and to otherwise facilitate the intent of the contest to promote singing, particularly Irish singing, by providing opportunities for individuals to have their talents recognized.  Awards and acknowledgments shall be provided as soon as practical thereafter.   

All entrants will receive, at a minimum, a medal in recognition of their bronze, silver or gold standard performance, a comment sheet and an acknowledgment of their participation in the contest. 

All entrants agree to allow the Irish American Alliance and the Murphy Roche School of Irish Music to use these submissions in promoting this event in the future and for promoting other activities of each organization, including but not limited to press releases and posting on websites and in social media, as well as to celebrate our contribution to the contest.

By making a submission to this contest, all entrants represent that they have the unencumbered right to submit their song to this event and that they are not under any legal or contractual restriction which prevents them from doing so.  All entrants also agree to be bound by the rules of this event.   

Specific Rules for Performances:


1) Performances should be limited in duration to four (4) minutes.


2) Performances should accurately portray the performer and accurately reflect their work and level of skill.  Electronic editing, including splicing or pitch correction is not permitted.


3) Performers can use up to two musical accompanists, or they can play an instrument themselves and have one other accompanist; however, submissions are judged strictly on the singing performance.


4) Judging will be done based on the overall attributes of the performance.  Including the participant’s display of a talented rendition of the chosen song, the performer’s mastery of the song itself, including the specific personal attributes the performer brings to the song.  Also included in the Judges’ consideration will be originality of the presentation including the dramatic ability of the performer to tell the story contained within the lyrics of the song, and finally the overall quality of the presentation.


This contest allows for all styles of music, as well as entirely new types of presentations of traditional Irish songs or songs associated with the Irish diaspora.  Presentations in nontraditional style will be considered on the same basis as traditional renditions. 

5) Final selections will be made solely based on the audio submissions made by the participants. 

Best of Luck to all and we look forward to receiving your submissions. 

Thank you,

The 2021 World’s Greatest Irish Singer Competition


The Murphy Roche School of Irish Music and

The Irish American Alliance