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Midwest Fleadh 2020

Band competition Registration

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Midwest Fleadh 2020

Each teacher or band contact person can register up to 10 bands at a time with a single registration.
  Band Contact Information
 Last Name:
 First Name:
 City: State: Zip:

Competitions: Age Categories  
25 Céilí Bands
26 Grúpaí Ceoil
27 Accordion (Marching) Bands
28 Flute (Marching) Bands
29 Miscellaneous (Marching Bands)
30 Pipe (Marching) Bands
A  (Under 12) 
B  (12-15)
C  (15-18)
D  (Over 18)

Band Names Competition Age Category
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There is a $100 entry fee for each band. 
After midnight on April 16,2020 the entry fee will be $150.00 per band.